This beautiful open mala of 108 pearls is hand knotted with a blue cotton thread for strength, a beautiful combination for these two stones. The lava stone is the purifier of our unconscious. It frees up the past, it has the ability to relax nervous tension. Especially recommended for all those who have trouble managing their anger, which will then be quieted, much more joyful over its use. The Howlite is a semi-precious stone that calms and stabilizes the mind and will have a positive effect on memory. It can be used to promote sleep. It promotes the digestion and fortification of bones and teeth. It alleviates hypersensitivity and depression, promotes discernment and strengthens character. The Howlite helps to clarify feelings. Tie a knot or fold the necklace in half, pass it around your neck, take the ends and pass them in the loop. (like a scarf!) Or pass it around your neck twice and let the ends hang.

Open Mala 108 Lava stone & blue Howlite

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