This beautiful mala of 108 beads of 6 mm is knotted by hand with a cotton green thread for strength, and a hand of Fatma pendant. This mala is composed of Rudraksha seeds, coconut and a semi-precious gem Aventurine. This soft stone is associated with prosperity and the development of creativity. The energy it releases harmonizes the different chakras and brings to the wearer a healthy vision of life. It brings self-confidence and helps to solve complicated situations. Soothes stress and calms nervousness. She gives back humor and cheerfulness. On the physical level it has a lot of benefits like skin problems, liver, eyes and heart. Rudraksha is a seed of the sacred tree of Shiva. It has very powerful energy qualities and is very used by spiritual seekers. It helps to find inner peace, to purify speech and deeds, and to promote the ability to concentrate. The scriptures say that rudraksha seeds should be respected as sacred objects because they are filled with spiritual power. Length: 50cm

Mala 108 Rudraksha & Aventurine

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