This magnificent mala of 108 beads of 8mm, Rose Quartz and Thuja wooden beads is hand-knotted with a purple cotton thread for solidity.

The rose Quartz brings self-love, its gentle energy will soothe stress, it will bring confidence, a fairer vision of situations. It promotes love and romantic relationships, this gem is also an effective sleep crystal!

Thuja pearls have a slight natural scent that fades in the open air.

Amethyst purifies the body and the mind and stimulates creativity and imagination. This stone of wisdom and humility, it promotes spiritual upliftment, concentration and meditation. It would soothe anxiety and anger. On the physical level, it helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, it reduces headaches and promotes healing.

Mala 108 rose Quartz & Thuja wood 8mm

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