This magnificent mala of 108 beads of 6mm is hand knotted with a green rib thread for strength and a hand of Fatma in silver color pendant. This mala is made of Onyx and Aventurine. Aventurine, this soft stone is associated with prosperity and the development of creativity. The energy it gives off harmonizes the different chakras and provides the wearer with a healthy outlook on life. It brings self-confidence and helps to solve complicated situations. Soothes stress and calms nervousness. It restores humor and cheerfulness. On the physical level it has many benefits such as skin, liver, eye and heart problems. The black Onyx is a semi-precious stone, it purifies karma, helps to overcome acts and consequences of the past. Brings stability, strengthening, self-confidence and protection.

Length : 50cm

Mala 108 Aventurine & Onyx

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